Online and phone therapy

Therapy online and over the phone is convenient and effective.

Online and phone therapy makes counselling accessible when we are not able to meet in person.

Online counselling will be conducted through the Janeapp platform, the same platform where you book your appointments. In your confirmation email, there will be a button to join the video call. For phone appointments, you will call the phone number in the confirmation email at your chosen appointment time.

Tips for a successful online or phone therapy session

Create a comfortable space for counselling.

In the office, I have plants, a couch with pillows, and a mug of tea for sipping. How can you create a similar soothing space where you will do virtual counselling? Since you are in your own space, you can be creative and personal in how you want to create this space. Maybe you like to run an essential oil diffuser or light a candle. You can wear your most comfortable pants and cozy slippers. Make yourself tea or coffee. Place a glass of water and a box of tissues within reach.

Think about privacy.

You may be accessing online therapy at home where you live with other people or at your workplace. If possible, choose a space where you can have as much privacy as possible, keeping in mind people who might be able to hear the content of your counselling session. You could try downloading a white noise app on your phone, typically used for sleep, and place it right outside or inside the door where you are going to have your session.

Setting up the technology

If you are accessing therapy through video chat, close apps and programs that are running, including other tabs in your internet browser. You may want to move closer to your router, and ensure you are connected to the 5G network if you have that available. If possible, use your computer rather than your phone for our session. Your eyes will better be able to relax. For the best connection, you can plug an ethernet cable directly in the router and connect it to your computer. If you are scheduled for online therapy, but we are having trouble establishing a good connection, call me and we will proceed with the counselling session over the phone.

If you have any more questions about how online or phone counselling can work, send me an email or set up a free 15-minute consultation.