Making friends and finding community

Making friends & finding community

Isolation and disconnection can take a real toll on our wellbeing. On the other hand, feeling connected with others can energize us, make us feel good about ourselves, and give us a sense of meaning. We all deserve to feel like we belong, but sometimes it can be challenging to find “your people” in Vancouver. Maybe you have people in your life, co-workers, neighbours, or classmates, but find it difficult to break through the small talk and the “Vancouver freeze” to the genuine and deep connection you crave.

Whether you have had a tight group of friends in the past, or you feel like you have never quite connected with people around you, counselling can be a useful place to learn about yourself, address fears, and practice coming out of your shell. In our roles as counsellor and client, we can explore feelings of connection and disconnection. Relating in new ways can feel incredibly vulnerable. I can support you to build self awareness, skills, and self confidence for connecting with people in your everyday life.

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