Dream group for wellness practitioners

Are you a counsellor, therapist, coach, yoga teacher, nutritionist, acupuncturist…?

Join us in the future for an open group for like-minded folks to connect through projective dream work.

In this group, you will
~ deepen your understanding of yourself and the meanings of your dreams
~ expand your network by connected with like-minded folks
~ learn more about projective dream work

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The basic message of every dream is to pay attention

Dreams speak a universal language. They carry multiple layers of meaning to draw our attention to what exists on the edges of our conscious awareness. By collecting the impressions of people in group, you can gain important insight into the messages embedded in your dreams meant to direct you towards your own growth, creativity, and transformation.

Network with like-minded professionals

In this gathering, you will be surrounded with folks who are engaged, supportive, curious, and insightful. While you do not have to share dreams or remember dreams in order to attend, I invite everyone who attends to share projections onto others’ dreams by using the “If it were my dream…” format. In this group, we will dive into a process that will support your personal and professional wellbeing. When we are in authentic community with each other, we are enlivened, sustained, and inspired.

The magic mirror never lies

As wellness professionals, we engage with reflection and self-work on an ongoing basis. Even as people trained in this stuff, like the humans we are, there are parts of ourselves– darkness and light, faults and fears as well as passions and intelligences– that we are not yet able to recognize or acknowledge. While only dreamers themselves can confirm with any certainty what meanings their dreams may have, the process of sharing our dreams and projecting onto others’ dreams may be lead us to surprising places. This is an intimate practice of seeing and being seen. Remember: all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness for the individual and the collective.

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$30/session (by cash or e-Transfer)