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How to improve your self esteem and self worth

Self esteem and self worth

We are all worthy of respect and support. Unfortunately, trauma, violence and oppresssion can make us call that into question when it comes to ourselves. Issues with self esteem and self worth often show up as doubting ourselves. We may doubt our reactions and expectations. You may wonder, “Am I overreacting?” “Am I being unreasonable?” We may have trouble believing that the people in our lives truly like us and want to be around us. This can be a challenge in building mutually satisfying authentic relationships.

In counselling, we can explore the ways your experiences have informed how you view yourself, creating space for the emotions that come with feeling unworthy. In my experience, healing from this kind of hurt happens in connection. We will explore this in our connection as counsellor and client. Also, I can offer action items for you to do between sessions to strengthen the connections you have with your self and the people in your life.

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