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How to deal with grief and loss

Grief & Loss

Grief is a process that is not as straightforward and predictable as you might think. It can sweep us up in waves of emotional pain when we least expect it. Although grief and loss is a common experience, we may feel alone and unsettled when people around us go on with their everyday lives. Sometimes grief can be further complicated if the person or relationship we are grieving was difficult or abusive. It is important to give yourself time and space to have your experience, rather than judging what you think you should be feeling.

Although most people think of grief in regards to losing of loved one, feelings of loss can also come up around experiences of trauma or violence. You may grieve what happened and what was lost. You may feel stuck thinking about what could have been, of who you “used to be” before the trauma.

If you are feeling stuck or having trouble attending to your everyday life, counselling may be useful for you. I can create a space to process the often times complicated and overwhelming feelings around your grief. I can help you develop a deeper understanding of your unique grieving process. Together, we will identify tools for healing that work for you.

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